Covid-19 Update: Sun. 30th Aug. 2020 – Zero New Deaths – 42 New Cases

No recorded new Covid-19 cases in Co. Tipperary today.

This evening, figures from the Department of Health confirm that there have been zero new deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; leaving the overall death toll here in the Republic of Ireland remaining at 1,777.

However, there are 42 new additional cases reported today, leaving the current total number of confirmed cases, since conception in the Irish Republic, at 28,760.

Of todays confirmed cases; 24 are in Dublin and 6 are in Limerick, with the remaining other 12 cases located in Carlow; Clare; Galway; Kildare; Longford; Offaly and Sligo.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mary Favier (President of the Irish College of General Practitioners) has stated that available evidence indicates that schools are a relatively low-risk environment and that kids are more likely to get the virus at home, rather than at educational facilities.

Dr. Favier stated we need to be vigilant for the symptoms, but the average child can go to school, unless they have additional symptoms, such as a new cough or a shortness of breath. Any such symptoms could potentially indicate that testing is needed and the student should stay at home.

Please stay safe by reducing social contacts; avoiding crowds; physically distancing; wearing face coverings and washing your hands regularly.


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