Tipperary Politicians Have No Medical Or Scientific Qualifications

“Keep fighting hard against Covid-19 virus”

This evening, the Department of Health has confirmed that there have been 5 new deaths caused by this pandemic, leaving the overall death toll here in the Republic of Ireland remaining at 1,768.

However, there were 69 new additional cases reported to the Department of Health, leaving the current total number of confirmed cases, since conception, now at 26,372.

One new case has been reported in Tipperary bringing our county total to 546.

The number of patients in hospital with confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 has fallen; however the number of patients in ICU has increased.

As of last night there were nine confirmed cases in eight hospitals around the Irish Republic, i.e. Tallaght – 2; Beaumont – 1; Cavan – 1; Drogheda – 1; Galway University Hospital – 1; Kilkenny – 1; Mater – 1; Limerick University Hospital (Serving North Tipperary) – 1.

There were 97 suspected cases in hospital; 14 of those patients are in intensive care, up from eight yesterday. Topping the list; Limerick University Hospital (Serving North Tipperary) – 27; Beaumont – 20; GUH – 8; St. James’s – 8; Tallaght – 6; CHI Crumlin – 5; Naas – 5; Sligo – 5; Mercy – 3; Cavan – 2; UHW – 2; Wexford – 2; Letterkenny – 1; Mater – 1; Mullingar – 1; UHK – 1.

Sadly some Tipperary politicians have assumed that being elected to represent the County of Tipperary, automatically gives them medical and scientific qualifications. But be aware, same individuals are merely attempting to retain their populist vote, by foolishly calling for a regional approach on coronavirus restrictions. This would allow for certain rural pubs and nightclubs to reopen.

This ill thought out populist, vote catching support, by Independent TD Mr Mattie McGrath and Fianna Fáil TD Mr Jackie Cahill, would see, if permitted, consumers of alcohol not just travelling from already cluster infected areas, to mingle with persons in least infected areas, but would also encourage individuals to drink and drive.

What both of the above-named politicians need to be concerned about right now is “How can we support all businesses financially, including pubs, prohibited from opening because of this current virus pandemic”.

Tipperary Independent TD Mr Mattie McGrath you will remember, was the TD found to be sleeping recently, as a vote was taking place in our Irish Parliament, a matter which he eventually and reluctantly admitted to his electorate.

Fianna Fáil TD Mr Jackie Cahill, who doesn’t answer email’s, was first elected to Dáil Eireann in 2016, “after ‘severing‘ as a councillor”, (adjective ‘serving’ possibly intended) as he states on his website. You can read it yourself HERE.

I will of course be discussing these latter failures / issues in more detail later in the week.

Continue To Act Responsibly – Stay Safe.


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