Covid-19 Update: Mon. 13th July 2020 – 11 New Cases

The total number of Covid-19 virus cases confirmed here in Co. Tipperary; stands currently at 543, with no new cases for the fifth day running.

This evening, the Department of Health has confirmed that there have been zero death caused by this pandemic, leaving the overall death toll here in the Republic to 1,746.

However, there were 11 new additional cases reported to the Department of Health, leaving the current total number of confirmed cases, since conception, at 25,638.

There have been 16 new cases recorded in Northern Ireland, with its total confirmed number now standing at 5,788.

Of the new cases notified by county and recorded over the past 24 hours, we are aware that in total 18 new cases and reclassifications are confirmed as being in the following counties:- Co. Dublin in total there are 12,308 (14 new cases), Co. Kildare 1,513 (stable today), Co. Meath 812 (stable today), Co. Cork 1546 (1 new case), Co. Wicklow 707 (3 new cases), Co. Sligo 148 (stable today), Co. Mayo 573 (stable today), Co. Limerick 589 (stable today) and Co. Kerry 311 (stable today).

Remember from today, face masks are compulsory on public transport and public transport companies are reporting a high compliance rate for the new face covering regulations. Passengers departing and arriving at Thurles Railway Station in Co. Tipperary are 95% compliant, according to Irish Rail staff. Same regulation compliance is assisted in the knowledge that fines of up to €2,500, as well as a possible six months jail sentence can be the future for those who refuse to wear face coverings on public transport; but of course there will always be Donald J. Trumps who sadly fly in the face of basic logic and professional advice.

Act responsibly – Stay safe


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