Masks Mandatory On Public Transport Tomorrow

Picture courtesy An Garda Síochána

Masks will become mandatory on public transport from tomorrow Monday, July 13th, the Irish government have confirmed.

Since Monday, June 30th last, people have been advised and encouraged to wear face coverings on public transport, but there has been no enforcement of that rule to date.

This mandatory rule comes as Ireland’s coronavirus reproductive number have increased with some cases linked to travel.

Looking back at experience throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it has all been about compliance and engaging people to follow sound advice from medical experts.
Laws implemented grant the National Transport Authority the right and the capacity to say to people that you may not come on board any public transport if they are not wearing a face covering.

If people persist in disobeying this new rule then the Gardaí will be alerted. However, for the most part the public welcome this new rule and it is not envisage that problems will arise from same regulation.


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