Covid-19 Update: Thur. 2nd July 2020 – 5 Deaths – 15 New Cases

The total number of Covid-19 virus cases confirmed here in Co. Tipperary; as of midnight on Monday, June 29th, remains unchanged at 543, with zero cases identified over the previous 5 days. Meanwhile cases in Co. Dublin increased by 4 and Co. Kildare by 1 during this same 24 hour period.

This evening, the Department of Health has confirmed that 5 deaths have been caused by Covid-19 in Ireland over the last 24 hours. These latest figures leave the total number of deaths caused by this pandemic at 1,738.

This evening, it has also been confirmed that an additional 15 new cases of the virus have been identified, bringing the total since conception, here in the Republic of Ireland, to 25,489.

In a tally undertaken by Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland the United States of America have seen more than 52,000 new Covid-19 cases in just the last 24 hours. Same is confirmed as a new one-day record, as infections in the U.S. continue to surge.

Thousands of people who have booked summer holidays abroad are being advised to cancel them. This request comes amid fears that Ireland could be seeing the first signs of a potential resurgence of Covid-19.

Please make the effort to act responsibly and stay safe.


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