Covid-19 Update: Tue. 9th June 2020 – 9 Death – 9 New Cases

The total number of Covid-19 virus cases confirmed here in Co. Tipperary; as of midnight on Sunday, June 7th, continues to remain at 540, with 0 new cases notified overal several previous days.

The Department of Health has confirmed this evening that a further 9 persons has sadly passed away as a result of the virus here in the Republic of Ireland, over the past 24 hours. These latest figures leave the total number of deaths caused by this pandemic currently at 1,691.

This evening, it has also been confirmed that an additional 9 new cases of the virus have been identified, bringing the total since conception, here in the Republic of Ireland, to 25,215.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has warned that our health mission is not yet accomplished and it is too early to begin taking stock. He also warned that shops and retail environments might take steps to remind the public of the importance of wearing protective masks.

The Department again warns that people must stick to public health guidelines to further limit the spread of this pandemic.

However, the percentage of tests proving positive for Covid-19 has reduced to 1% over the past week, compared with 1.7% over the previous week.

Today there remained 110 confirmed cases in hospitals, with 35 patients remaining in intensive care.


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