Homework Helper: Virtual Sport’s Day

The annual school sport’s day is one of the most enjoyable days on the school calendar. While schools may be closed, that does not mean that the annual school sport’s day is cancelled.

Why not have a virtual sport’s day instead, with the help of provide a holistic primary in-school and after school programme focusing on physical, emotional and general well-being. By working with children in schools, they aim to develop their speed and agility, strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and emotional well-being.

To get involved, schools and pupils can formally register to participate in the virtual sport’s day challenge and track your school’s virtual sport’s days via the app.

View HERE for more details about school and pupil registration.

If your school isn’t registered, provide lots of free resources and ideas for parents and pupils.
You can download the free ‘Virtual Sport’s Day Preparation Pack’ by viewing HERE.

In addition, preparation for the annual end of year virtual sports day is supported by videos and tips divided up over weeks of virtual training. Weeks 1 to 3 are already up and running.

Week 1 events include the sprint and long jump. View HERE.
Week 2 events include the high jump and the classic egg and spoon race. View HERE.
Week 3 events include the wellyboot toss and super strongman challenge. View HERE.

Why not get the whole family out to the back garden and have some fun while the weather remains sunny!

Play Safe.


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