Get Creative With Word Art

With home schooling out for the weekend; are you wondering how you will occupy your time today, with weather promising to be uncertain?

What about this project to hone your creative skills?

Follow these 7 steps to create Word Art just for fun or why not create something memorable for an upcoming friend’s birthday, a graduation or other special event.

  1. Go here to
  2. Click ‘Create now‘, (Button with green Background, found centre page).
  3. On the next screen click ‘Import(Button on left hand side under the heading ‘WORDS‘). In the box that will appear, type a list of words, for example the names of people in your family. Then click ‘Import words‘, (Bottom right of that same white box).
  4. Next Click ‘SHAPES‘. (Shown bottom left.)
  5. Pick a shape, for example, the “Love Heart” in our picture shown above. Then click ‘Visualize‘, (Button Red background at top, middle, beside ‘Undo’) to see your word art creation.
  6. Click on ‘Fonts‘ and then the red button ‘Visualize‘; to observe the effect of the different fonts. Likewise click ‘Layout‘ or ‘Style‘ and then ‘Visualize‘ to experiment with different layout and style options.
  7. To save your creation, simply click download and save your Word Art as a .JPEG (or other file format), to email to friends and family, and to celebrate, for example a birthday.

Top Tip: If you want to make a word bigger and make it stand out more than any other chosen word, go to ‘WORDS‘ and click on that particular word you chose and under ‘Size‘, enlarge same and again hit the ‘Visualize‘ red button.

Have Fun.


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