Live Ammunition Located – Hidden In Tipperary Woodland

Photo courtesy Garda Press Office.

Gardaí, here in Co. Tipperary, on last Saturday, seized in excess of 1,300 rounds of live ammunition, which were located hidden in a wood in the county.

The ammunition, wrapped in plastic covering, was located by a member of the public, latter out social exercising in the Bishop’s Wood (Irish: Coill an Easpaig) area of Dundrum village, Co. Tipperary; latter just 24 km (25 min. drive) from Thurles town. The area of the find is also close to an International Scouting centre, near the Tipperary village.

Gardaí were immediately alerted and a technical examination and search of the scene and surrounding area was carried out, to no further avail.

The total wrapped consignment contained three packages each in turn containing different calibres of ammunition, and have now been forwarded for technical analysis by Garda ballistics experts.

To date, no arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.

The Garda believe the ammunition may have remained concealed in the Dundrum wood for some period of time, and indeed may date from the an earlier period in our troubled history; hidden by a then partially active IRA unit.


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