Free Access to Ireland’s First Newspaper for Kids

Homework Help: Free Access to Ireland’s First Newspaper for Kids

Keep the kids reading in English and Irish with the help of News Mag Media

News Mag Media are the publishers of a series of award-winning curriculum-linked monthly news magazines for Irish children.

During the current period of school closures, News Mag Media are offering free access to their three fantastic newspaper magazines for kids.

‘News Flash’ is suitable for 2nd to 4th class pupils.
‘The Primary Planet’ is aimed at 4th to 6th to class pupils,
‘Eipic’ is an Irish-language magazine for pupils aged 11 years and older.
Just view HERE and see how these News Mag publications engage, inform and inspire over 90,000 young readers every month.

In addition to their newspaper magazines, by viewing HERE, you can join thousands of children and take on daily mental maths challenges, competitions, quizzes, writing activities, polls, debating and more, with fun new activities uploaded every morning.

Topical reading materials hook young readers and offer great opportunities for authentic and meaningful learning.

By clicking HERE you can sign up for weekly teacher and pupil packs containing timetables, detailed planning grids, pupil worksheets and more.


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