Co. Tipperary Community Spirit Alive & Well!

County Tipperary community spirit is very much alive and well, as Ms Avril Wilson, (TPPN Co-ordinator) [Tipperary Public Participation Network] reports this evening: –

Ms Wilson writes, “Throughout this new life-changing situation we find ourselves in, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, like many county organisations, the Tipperary Public Participation Network (TPPN) is doing huge work from behind closed doors.

It isn’t an easy time for any organisation or any one body, as we adapt to new ways of thinking and working; almost on a daily basis.

There are, however, always good news stories in changing times and one of those stories is that the TPPN is adapting well and working closely with its member community groups, thanks to a small but dedicated and creative team, headed by myself (TPPN coordinator) and Sharon Melbourne, TPPN administrator and the volunteers who work with them from all parts of the county.

I personally have come to the realisation that a true great learning for me is that community spirit is alive and well in Tipperary. It has been so heart-warming to see and hear the stories and the lengths that people will go to across the towns and villages to help others. Whether it be volunteers in the local community or paid staff in our myriad of organisations in the Premier County.

From the local authority to community and resource centres, they are all doing their bit to ensure that everyone in our society is and will be looked after as much as is possible. It is very humbling to watch and be part of this setting.

Groups have, unsurprisingly, sprung up in response to the Covid-19 emergency, wanting to actively help within their communities in all different ways. This means that TPPN has become even busier with an increase in applications for membership to avail of information and support that the TPPN can offer to them.

One of the new developments that has emerged, directly due to the Covid-19 crisis, by TPPN is a small, but vital, fund of up to €500 to support the PPN member groups, who are providing direct services and supports to the community during the Covid-19 situation. So far 25 groups have benefitted from this support to buy personal protection equipment (PPE), food supplies, tutors for online learning or mobile phones, for example.

Working together is the way to get through this crisis and the PPN is doing just that, whether it is with the Community Response Forum, Tipperary Volunteer Centre, Red Cross etc., sourcing much-needed foods or essential care packs, ensuring correct practical information and supplies gets to where it is needed.

I feel passionately that all agencies need to continue to work together, now more than ever and the importance of working in collaboration cannot be over stated. We need more collaboration going forward between agencies and government departments and not just because of this pandemic; communities are better served and services are stronger.

The PPN staff have been responding to an increase in calls from these groups looking for support, assistance/guidance around aspects of this crisis that affects them as well as an increase in welcome and vital correspondence the PPN has been sending to these community groups on the ground.

There is a dedicated section on the PPN website with Covid-19 information resource packs and everything is updated regularly.

The PPN will be more than happy to promote good work being done in communities and good news stories from its members.

Please help us in sharing these stories by emailing them to

Many thanks and best regards,
Avril Wilson (PPN Co-ordinator)

You can visit the TPPN website HERE to find out more or contact Avril on and Sharon on or Telephone us at (0504) 61014.


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