Covid-19 Update: Sat. 9th May 2020 – 18 Deaths – 219 New Cases

Today, the Government launched their ‘Return to Work Safety Protocol’ intended for to allow workplaces to reopen once the current lock-down is lifted. Businesses that do not comply with these new safety protocols, aimed at haulting the spread of Covid-19, will be immediately shut down. Inspectors from the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) will have the authority, under the Health and Safety Act of 2005, to shut down any workplace that is viewed as being non-compliant under current regulations.

This ‘Return to Work Safety Protocol’ includes the expected regulations regarding social distancing, hand hygiene, first aid and mental health support, for all returning employees and business owners.

The government acknowledge that some of the new measures in this safety protocol may make some businesses unviable, but that health and safety must take precedence.

New virus cases confirmed here in the Premier County; (as at midnight on Thursday, May 7th last), have risen from 512 to 515; showing an increase of a further 3 new cases now having been verified over a 24-hour period.

The Department of Health has confirmed this evening that a further 18 people have tragically died from the Covid-19 virus, here in the Republic of Ireland. These latest figures bring the death toll, from this pandemic, to 1,446.

A total of 219 new cases of the coronavirus have also, today, been identified here in the Republic, bringing the total since conception to 22,760.

Please Try To Stay Safe


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