Covid-19 Update: Wed. 6th May 2020 – 37 Deaths – 265 New Cases

The number of virus cases confirmed here in the Premier County; (as at midnight on Monday, May 4th last), have risen from 486 to 501; an increase of a further 15 new cases now being confirmed, over the past 24-hour period.

The Department of Health has confirmed this evening that a further 37 people have tragically died from the Covid-19 virus, here in the Republic of Ireland. These latest figures bring the death toll, from this pandemic, to 1,375.

A total of 265 new cases of the coronavirus have also, today, been identified here in the Republic, bringing the total since conception to 22,248.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw the lowest increase of cases; in total 211, since March 29th last.

Welcome news for overworked essential healthcare employees

From May 18th the Department of Children will oversee the provision of childcare in the homes of 5,000 essential healthcare workers. The cost will be paid for by tax payers, with a small parental contribution required of €90 per family per week; thus providing same essential healthcare workers with 45 hours of childcare per week.
Childcare workers volunteering for this scheme will be paid on average €15 per hour, while the taxpayer would also cover employer PRSI.

Please Try To Stay Safe


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