Top Three Websites Supporting Music Appreciation & Learning At Home

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” – Elton John.

Be sure to share these top three recommendations for music appreciation and learning at home.

Teach RockView HERE.

Music lovers and music teachers, if you are not already familiar with then you are about to spend many happy hours sifting through its catalogue of lessons. Although it’s called Teach Rock, lessons cover every conceivable music genre. From big band to folk, jazz to pop, lessons for all ages explore the power of music to influence society, history and culture. Cross curricular links are made with The Beatles used to teach Maths and Pink Floyd used to teach art. To support learning at home during this period of school closures, a number of PDF packs have been prepared and are available to access HERE.
Pupils can learn about expressing gratitude and care with music through the Bill Withers hit ‘Lean on Me’ or even learn about the history behind one of the greatest guitar makers of all time – Leo Fender.

The Dallas Symphony OrchestraView HERE.

The kids section of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s website is well worth a visit for anybody looking for resources relating to classical music and instruments of the orchestra. By clicking HERE you can learn about all the instruments played by the orchestra and sample sounds.
By clicking HERE you can learn about composers throughout history from the Renaissance period right through to modern day.
This site even includes a section that shows children how to make their own instruments using everyday items including a homemade xylophone made from different lengths of PVC piping. Click HERE.

London Symphony Orchestra

The closest thing to actually going to see an orchestra perform is available to experience via the London Symphony Orchestra’s website. Click HERE. Not only are visitors treated to incredible performances, they are also able to change camera views and explore the different sections of the orchestra from multiple angles. An additional sidebar option to the left enables visitors to learn more about the conductors, musicians and their instruments.

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