Covid-19 Update: Sunday 19th April 2020 – 39 Deaths – 493 New Cases

The Department of Health has sadly confirmed that a further 39 people have died today, 19th April 2020, from the Covid-19 virus, here in the Republic of Ireland. This confirmation brings the overall death toll to-date, to 610.

Today’s 39 deaths, sadly relate to 19 females and 20 males, 2 of whom were in the west and 37 were in the east of the country.

Here in Co. Tipperary the number of new cases reported up until midnight as at the 17/4/2020, has been confirmed at 292 since conception, an increase of 9 new cases.

A total of 493 identified new cases of the coronavirus have also today been diagnosed here in the Republic. This figure includes 48 cases identified by a German testing centre; bringing the total since conception to 15,251.
The backlog on tests has now been completed in full.

The Department of Health are seeing signs of stabilisation in terms of the numbers of new patients being admitted to our acute hospitals.

The HSE have apologised for an internal memo issued, that used inappropriate language to describe patients, describing them as “dirty”. We understand that it had been reported on Friday last that a memo had been sent to staff at St Mary’s Hospital in Dublin, laying out further measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, by setting up “clean” and “dirty” areas.
Mr David Walsh, the HSE’s National Director of Community Operations has stated that the language used was totally unacceptable.

Political correctness perhaps should have used words like: – free from dirt; unsoiled or unstained, instead of “clean”, – former vocabulary which of course means “clean”. In the case of “dirty”; perhaps filthy, foul; nasty; soiled or impure, should have been used, – all of the latter which of course means “dirty”.

HSE, apologies not necessary, you are doing a great job saving lives, during this virus pandemic, ignore the knockers; the whingers and begrudgers. Move on, nothing to see here, except journalists having a slow news day.

Remember To Stay At HomeStay Safe.


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