Covid-19 Update In Irish Rep. – 43 Deaths – 724 New Cases

The Department of Health has confirmed that a further 43 people have died overnight from the Covid-19 virus here in the Republic of Ireland. This confirmation sadly brings the overall death toll to-date, to 487.

Of today’s deaths, (21 females and 22 males), 34 were in the east, 4 in the west and 5 were in the south of the country.

A total of 724 identified new cases of the coronavirus have now today been diagnosed here in the Republic. This figure includes 95 cases identified by a German testing centre; bringing the total since conception to 13,271.

The medical facility of Limerick University Hospital, serving North Tipperary were handling 35 Covid-19 Cases up to 8:00am yesterday, with the daily rate of admission to hospital of confirmed cases reducing slightly today.

Despite being concieved in Asia, the coronavirus has killed in excess of 90,180 people across Europe alone, amounting to over 65% of the overall global death toll. Worldwide the virus has killed at least 137,499 persons and rising.

Stay At Home – Stay Safe.


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