Irish Covid-19 Cases Increase By 365, With 25 More Deaths

Irish Covid-19 Cases increase by 365 – 25 more deaths.

The Department of Health have confirmed that a further 365 more cases of the coronavirus have been diagnosed here in the Republic of Ireland, bringing the present number of confirmed cases in total to 6,074 persons.

A further 25 people have sadly died (10 females, 15 males), bringing the overall death toll to 235 people since its conception. Other underlying health conditions were reported for 18 of the 25 who died today.

The total number of deaths in the 6 counties of Northern Ireland has increased to 78 persons, with 84 new cases confirmed today, bringing their total to 1,339 people.

Please Do Remember This Holiday Season

According to the Department of Health, you need to be some 15 minutes in the immediately vicinity of an infected person and within 2 metres (6.5ft), to be considered at-risk of contamination.

Please Do Stay Safe


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