Thurles Order Of Malta – Supporting Vulnerable People

Covid-19 Response Community Outreach Supporting The Vulnerable.

Mr Gerard Fogarty, (Deputy Officer in charge – Order of Malta Ambulance Corps Thurles), sends us the following report:-

NOTE: If you are cocooning or medically selfisolating, we can help you with medication, and grocery deliveries, or essential medical transport.
Call Duty Officer on Tel: 087 2390 111.

Please stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact if you are:-

  1. Aged 70 years.
  2. Solid Organ Transplant recipient.
  3. Specific cancer patient: undergoing active chemotherapy or radical radiotherapy for lung cancer, cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma who are at any stage of
    treatment, having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer, having other targeted cancer treatments which can affect the immune system, such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors, had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last 6 months, or who are still taking immunosuppression drugs.
  4. People with severe respiratory conditions including cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and COPD.
  5. People with rare diseases and inborn errors of metabolism that significantly increase the risk of infections (such as SCID, homozygous sickle cell).
  6. People on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase risk of infection.
  7. Women who are pregnant with significant heart disease, congenital or acquired.

Thurles Order of Malta
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