8-Dimensional Sound Brought To You Tonight

An amazing new sound called ‘8D audio’ (8-Dimensional sound) is all the rage over the past number of months, and if your main source for streaming music is YouTube you are in luck.

A number of music tracks or sound sequences can be listened to but only with the use of regular headphones.

Using your Headphones, plug in, close your eyes and listen to the Pentatonix version of “Hallelujah” using 8D Audio; shown hereunder.

Ok, we trust you felt that sound sensation soothing your physical and mental being.

Why not now have a ‘field day’ by trying yet another old favourite from back when songwriters actually wrote real lyrics; also hereunder in 8D audio?

Most listeners who tune in with eyes closed listening to 8D audio for the first time, are convinced that the sensation experienced is similar to that of being at a live concert, as the music swirls around in their brain.

Please do Enjoy


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