Total Of 91 Cases Of Covid-19 In Co. Tipperary

There are now in total 91 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus here in Co. Tipperary.

The Department of Health have sadly confirmed that nationally tonight, in our Republic, there were 13 more deaths similarly linked.

This brings to 98 the number of people who have died from the virus here in the Republic of Ireland, with nine of the 13 deaths located in the east of of the country; while one died in the south and three in the west.

To view world-wide current Covid-19 virus statistics, see link provided HERE.

It is confirmed also that there are now 3,849 confirmed cases of the virus in the Irish Republic, with 402 new cases confirmed in the last 24 hours.

Of those confirmed cases, 932 people have been hospitalised to-date, and of those, 134 people have been admitted to various ICUs.

There have also been 6 more deaths reported today in Northern Ireland this evening; bringing their total death toll to 36.

Today’s confirmed figures, when added up, show 134 deaths and 4,623 Covid-19 cases currently existing on the whole island of Ireland.


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