Resources For Keeping Young People Well During Covid-19

Advice and Resources for keeping Young People well during Covid-19.

The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) of the Department of Education have prepared a number of informative resources to help keep children and young people well during the Covid-19 crisis. All resources are available HERE.

How do I talk to children and young people about Covid-19?

NEPS advise that children and young people need factual and age appropriate information about the Covid-19 virus. They also advise that children and young people need concrete instruction about how to avoid spreading the virus.

Further information and advice for parents on talking to children and young people about Covid-19 is available HERE

Where to begin with learning at home?

When it comes to supporting learning at home, it can be difficult for parents to know where to begin. The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) provide a starting point. They advise establishing structure and routine for children and young people. They suggest developing a ‘Plan for the Day’.
A sample plan for the day is available HERE.

They also provide detailed guidance on supporting children and young people with daily routines while schools are closed.

What can young people do?

While schools are closed NEPS advise that young people strive to do the following three things:
(1) Stay responsible and informed.
(2) Stay active and connected.
(3) Stay positive and calm.

Further guidance on supporting young people to achieve these three goals is available HERE.

Relaxation Techniques.

This is an anxious time for everyone, young and old and it is important that everyone takes time to relax.

NEPS have put together an information guide and podcast outlining a number of relaxation techniques that may aid in alleviating anxiety and managing stress levels among younger and older family members. Same relaxation techniques can be found HERE.

Keep Well & Stay Safe.


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