Retail Outlets Deemed Essential During Covid-19 Lock Down

A mandatory government decision for Irish people to remain at home for a two-week period, until Easter Sunday April 12th, apart from named exceptions, is now currently in effect across our Republic.

The list of retail outlets which are deemed essential to remain open under the new Covid-19 restrictions are listed hereunder.

These include Food & Beverage stores, Newsagents, premises selling Household Products, Pharmacies, Medical Supply outlets, Fuel Stations, Animal Feed outlets, Pet Stores, Laundries, Banks, Credit Unions, Post Offices, Safety Supply stores and Off-licences; all of the latter now deemed essential.

Opticians, Motor Repair and Bicycle Repair outlets will no longer be able to open their doors and will instead only be permitted to offer an emergency call-out or delivery service; while Electrical, Hardware, Farm equipment, Agricultural supplies, and Gardening outlets, are to have their opening times restricted to call-out or delivery only.

All above named essential retailers remaining open from today, must ensure organised adequate distancing between customers and staff, while ‘queue control’ must be fully implemented.

All private and public gatherings are now banned, however, people can leave their homes for brief physical exercise, but can only travel within 2km (1.24 miles) from their home.


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