Lowry Addresses Dáil Regarding Need To Establish New Stable Government

“Never in modern times have there been a greater need for a strong and stable Government. Those in this House who renege on their duty will not be forgiven by the people of this country.”

Independent Tipperary TD Mr Michael Lowry

Independent Tipperary TD Mr Michael Lowry has addressed an unusual Dáil sitting regarding the impact of COVID-19, and the pressing need to form a new government.

In a stalwart and well-founded address, Mr Lowry stated:-
“I express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation of everyone in Tipperary and across the country who are actively involved or co-operating in confronting the scourge of Covid 19. The Public Health response has been amazing. The social solidarity has been inspiring. Protecting the health of our citizens is of paramount importance. Whatever it takes, whatever it costs, it must be done.

We are living through extraordinary times. Normality, as we know it, has deserted us. Our country is pulsating with anxiety, fear and real uncertainty. People are craving relief from worry and trepidation. Our Government is doing an admirable job. It’s approach is measured, assured and proportionate.

However, there is a limit to what a Government can do without a mandate. This is not a time for limitations. It is my understanding of the Irish Constitution that after 30th March, we will not have a functioning Seanad. Therefore, it will not be possible to pass further emergency legislation.
We urgently need a mandated Government, as we strive to contain this virus pandemic and limit its threat to life, while preparing for its aftermath and economic consequences.

Protecting our people and our country.
Never in modern times have there been a greater need for a strong and stable Government. Our people need a Government with the mandated power to do whatever must be done, to protect our people and our country.

We are failing our citizens if we do not give them a Government that can lead them through this crisis and along the tough road that lies ahead – a Government that can and will take the necessary decision for both the short-term and the long-term good.

Every person in our country is depending on the comparatively small number of people that can help them through this crisis. Those providing that help and those requiring that help are depending on the Government – a Government made up of democratically elected representative who are both duty bound and morally obliged to govern. A Government that must be capable and willing to face the magnitude of this situation while tackling all issues arising.

A new Government will have to be one of the strongest Governments that this country has ever had. This Government must be totally united and unfailingly committed to guiding our people through what may be the toughest times of their lives.

Despite the fact that the Government itself will be largely in unchartered waters as a result of this pandemic; it must lead with strength, stability, unity and bravery.

When Covid-19 itself fades, this crisis will be far from over. While people will breathe a collective sigh of relief that the threat to their health and lives has passed; the reality of its economic impact will become our new challenge. This is where the strength and stability of a new Government will be of greatest importance.

This is not a time for doubt and uncertainty. This is time for strong and decisive Government formation. Continuity is vital for Ireland right now and in the months and years ahead.

People must see their new Government in action. They must see strength – real strength. The must see politicians do what they are elected to do. They must see action and ability taking control in rebuilding our damaged economy. Putting our country back to where we were before this crisis began, will be a mammoth task. Economists are making stark forecasts, which will change and further increase.

A new Government will not be governing an Ireland that existed four months ago – they will be facing an entirely new reality that cannot yet be fully defined. The future economy of Ireland is precarious. Our successful efforts in recent years, to revive our country from recession, will be obliterated.

No unaffordable bucket lists.
Election promises made at the start of this year will become wishful thinking. This should not be about political party interests or individual interests. This is not a time for political posturing or grand standing. There can be no unaffordable bucket lists when entering this Government – there is already a significant hole in the bucket and it will take time to mend and refill. There will be no room for political cowardice in any new future Government. This must be a Government that will endure.

This is a time for resolute action. This is a time for political realisms. This is a time for conviction and courage. Those in this House who renege on their duty will not be forgiven by the people of this country.

Tough, hard and unpopular decisions will have to be made. These decisions will have to be presented to a public that will be struggling hard to recover their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

How these decisions are communicated, explained and ultimately enforced will be a major challenge for Government and one that will call for greater strength, stability and unity. When the costs for this crisis have accumulated, the full extent of the damage to our economy will be evident. Rebuilding our economy can only be done through creative, imaginative policies. Many of the decisions needed will be unpopular. As a Government, there will be no escaping the ire of the people. The only defence will be strength and stability.

Our constituents gave us the mandate and the privilege of serving the people of Ireland.
As a member of a Regional Group of TD’s, we are determined to play our part to make real and genuine efforts to form a stable Government. We are willing to step up to this task. Our constituents gave us the mandate and the privilege of serving the people of Ireland. Those who are not prepared to be constructive in this approach are failing the people of this country.

A new administration will carry a huge burden, but we as a Regional Group are willing to contribute in maintaining a stable secure Government at a time of great danger for out country.”


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