Covid 19 Vaccine Close To Being Developed

A vaccine for the pandemic caused by the coronavirus [Covid 19] is on the verge of being developed, a team of scientists have confirmed.

A team of researchers, led by Mucosal Infection and Immunity Chief Dr. Robin Shattock, believes they have successfully trialled a vaccine tested on mice and are now hopeful it could be ready for human trials as early as June of this year.

Senior researcher Dr. Paul McKay, of Imperial College London, has stated that he has obtained results from a month after he injected mice and is claiming that the vaccine “works really, really well”.

The team is working with scientists in Paris to determine the vaccine’s effectiveness on monkeys and have applied for further funding from the Medical Research Council to conduct human clinical trials.

Meanwhile, see linked here a very fine down to earth published article from former Tipperary & Sarsfield Senior Hurler Mr Ger Redser O’Grady, which possibly offers clearer advice than what is coming currently from Ireland’s health officials.

“Do not go for pints. Do not have a house party. Do not go to a house party. Do not go for coffee. Do not go for a meal. Do not go for a chat. Do not visit your auntie. Do not visit your parents. Do not bring the kids over to their friends. Do not let friends come over to you. If you absolutely have to get out of the house, go for a walk.”


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