Two New Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Irish Republic

Some 175 health care staff are now self-isolating at two Irish hospitals; one being Limerick [75 personnel] serving the people of North Tipperary and the other Cork [100 personnel].

This follows the news this evening that two more cases of Coronavirus [COVID-19], have been confirmed in the Irish Republic. This now brings to 21 in total the number of cases truly identified.

These two new cases reported involve a male in a hospital in the south of the country and a female in the east of the country, latter who has an underlying illness and is regarded as being seriously ill.

Both new cases are identified as community transmissions and are not cases which involved persons identified as returning recently from an at-risk holiday resource area.

A major increase in Covid-19 testing has now taken place, with over 1,000 cases having been tested to date.

A male patient at the Bon Secours private hospital in Cork is one of those who have tested positive for coronavirus, having received treatment in the hospital’s intensive care unit for an unknown period of time.

Time now for our FG caretaker Irish government to ‘call a halt’ to any unnecessary public gatherings and promised political protest marches, in an effort to protect our population; especially those persons who are suffering from underlying illnesses and the more elderly in our communities.

Time also for Irish medical health officers at the Department of Health to stop attempting to guide a headstrong Government’s response to a medical and health crises.


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