Rural Alliance Meet To Discuss Programme For Government

A group of rural TD’s, two from Co. Tipperary, are meeting in Dublin today as they compete to become the largest influential block in any prospective upcoming coalition.

This group currently consists of Mr Michael Lowry, Co. Tipperary; Mr Michael and Mr Danny Healy-Rae, Co. Kerry; Michael Collins, Co. Cork; Noel Grealish, Co. Galway, and Mr Mattie McGrath, Co. Tipperary.

This alliance of six TD’s from the previous 32nd Dáil are expected today to discuss their programme for government demands, as well as looking to attract new members to add to their current grouping.

This group will have the potential to grow considerably, given the views currently being shared by a large number of Independent TD’s, each committed to delivering a strong future programme for government and for rural communities within Ireland.

Sinn Féin Already In Trouble Just 24 Hours After Successful Election

Meanwhile, Senior Sinn Féin TD Mr David Cullinane has wisely been excluded from his parties main negotiating team; latter drawn up to form a possible government.

Same decision comes following Mr Cullinane’s “Up the Ra” offensive remark, at a late-night celebration on last Sunday.

“Up the Ra”Meaning “Up the Provisional Irish Republican Army”, latter which emerged in December 1969. The Provisional IRA presided over the death of 1,700 people, 680 of whom were innocent civilians.
To fund its campaign, the IRA became involved in regular criminal activities e.g. robberies; counterfeiting; protection rackets; kidnapping for ransom, and later fuel laundering, drugs and cigarette smuggling.
The IRA also raised funds through donations abroad and by running legitimate businesses such as taxi firms stealing VAT in the Republic; social clubs; pubs and restaurants. It is estimated that by the early 1990’s, the IRA needed over 12 million Euro per year simply to operate
It is estimated that currently the IRA own at least €550 million in global assets, and remains classified as an illegal organisation in the Republic of Ireland.].

Mr Cullinane later confirmed that he never distanced himself from the IRA or the hunger strikers, since entering politics.

While Mr Cullinane had been involved in the St. Andrew’s Agreement talks in the 2000’s and had visited No.10 Downing Street on a number of occasions to meet with British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair; it was felt best by his SF colleagues that he not be included in any main current negotiating team; latter unveiled by finance spokesman Mr Pearse Doherty outside party HQ in Dublin last night.


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