Irish General Election Results To Be Delayed Following Death Of Marese Skehan

The sudden death of Home Help Co-ordinator, Ms Marese Skehan, latter aged in her sixties; who had planned to run as an Independent Candidate in the forthcoming General Election has left the town of Thurles, here in Co. Tipperary in total shock.

Ms Skehan was found dead at her home. A statement from An Garda Siochana has confirmed that Gardaí are investigating an incident of sudden death in the Thurles area, Co. Tipperary, which occurred yesterday. However, it is understood Gardaí in Thurles are NOT treating the incident, as in any way suspicious.

Her sudden death, at her place of residence, now means that five seats in our Irish Parliament cannot be filled this coming weekend. Instead, there will be a vote on a later date, as nominations have to be reopened.

Tipperary returning officer Mr James Seymour has stated: “I hereby give notice that I am countermanding, with immediate effect, the poll scheduled to take place in the constituency of Tipperary on Saturday 8th February 2020, following the death of the nominated candidate, Ms Marese Skehan, Cabra Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. I hereby give notice that all acts done in connection with the election (other than the nomination of the surviving candidates) are void, and a fresh election will be held, (date of which will be confirmed by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government).”

While, the Irish General Election campaign had entered its final week; under election legislation, dating back to 1992, nominations must now be reopened, resulting in the election of candidates, not proceeding in the Tipperary constituency this Saturday. It may now be a fortnight before any vote takes place in Tipperary.


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