Brother Of Former Labour Party TD Alan Kelly Sleeps During US Super Bowl

Mr Declan Kelly; latter who once served as a US economic envoy to Northern Ireland and who is brother of former Tipperary Labour TD Mr Alan Kelly, has been caught sleeping with his mouth wide open, during the Super Bowl.

The video clip has now gone viral in the US.

Tipperary Team Sponsored By Teneo.

Mr Declan Kelly, an Irish-American business executive, best known for his role as Chairman & CEO of a company called Teneo; latter an international consulting company based in New York City, which sponsors the Tipperary Senior hurling team, was caught “dead to the world” at Super Bowl 54 on Sunday last.

The state of Mr Declan Kelly, with regard to his demeaner, is quite understandable to the many millionaires’ resident here in Tipperary, who are represented by his Irish Labour Party brother Mr Alan Kelly, after all the tickets to the game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, only cost a mere €6,335.00 each.

And Irish people complain about paying €80.00 for an All-Ireland Hurling Ticket in Croke Park, Jones’ Rd, Drumcondra, Dublin 3

Easy known Mr Declan Kelly wasn’t found languishing on Dineen Hill 16, at the Railway End of Croke Park.


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