Coillte Nature & Bord na Móna To Rehabilitate Tipperary Peatlands

Bord na Móna lands identified in counties Tipperary, Offaly, Laois, and Westmeath are to be included in a new tree planting initiative.

The new, not for profit, entity Coillte Nature, latter established in July 2019 and Bord na Móna are collaborating on a project, same which will see bog areas now transformed into native woodlands.

This welcome initiative will see some 1500 hectares of Bord na Móna land no longer used for peat production, planted with some 600,000 native trees, over the next 3 years. Trees to be planted will include a mix of native Irish trees, including Downy Birch, Scots Pine, Alder and Broad-leaved varieties including Hazel, Holly etc.

Coillte Nature, [which was recently established to increase the emphasis on carbon sequestration, habitat restoration, species diversification, biodiversity and the development of outdoor recreation and tourism amenities] and Bord na Móna are expected to work closely together and provide the required staff and management to establish and maintain these planned woodlands.

Meanwhile, in keeping with this trend, Bord na Móna are implementing an extensive peatland rehabilitation and restoration programme, latter which will see a total of some 35,000 hectares of peatland to be acclimatised by 2025.


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