Tipp Co. Co. Re-enter Court Proceedings On Thurles Unofficial Haulting Site

Not for the first time, the High Court has again permitted proceedings to be re-entered, over the alleged failure of a couple to vacate the vicinity of an unofficial halting site at Cabragh Bridge, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

In early July 2019, the Court had previously granted Tipperary Co. Council an injunction, compelling members of the Travelling Community to vacate this area; their then presence being regarded by this same local authority, as constituting a danger and a public nuisance.

Tipperary Co. Council had previously stated that it had offered the defendants assistance in securing alternative accommodation, however the defendants maintain that the alternative accommodation was an unserviced accommodation site in Littleton bog, in Co. Tipperary.

The council confirmed that many of those persons at the Cabragh Bridge site had moved on, in compliance of the High Court order, however, last month they asserted that a number of persons; had moved a few yards to the opposite side of the roadway, thus continuing to remain within close proximity to the site, and therefore remained in contempt of the court granted injunction.

Yesterday, this matter again returned before the High Court, with Mr David Humphries Bl, latter representing Tipperary Co. Council informing Mr Justice Michael Twomey that one caravans, whose occupants were Mr William and Mrs Elizabeth McCarthy, still remained just a few metres from the halting site, and was parked in a more dangerous location than here to fore.

Because the McCarthy family have now failed, in principal, to comply with the previous injunction; Tipperary Co. Council have now been granted permission by Mr Justice Twomey to re-enter their former motion.

Same seeks the attachment and committal to prison of the Traveller couple; unless the defendants remove their caravan and associated motor vehicles from the Cabragh Bridge site, in compliance with previous court orders.

The motion is expected to be returned before the High Court again in less than one week’s time.


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