Dangerous Footpaths To Avoid In Thurles

A couple of places to avoid in your rush to view the new An Post offices in Thurles Shopping Centre, come Monday morning next.

Well, unless of course you are on the look out for the opportunity to make a compensation claim against the Thurles Municipal District Council and Tipperary Co. Council.

(Area 1) Try to avoid the corner of Thomond Road and Slievenamon Road (See picture 1 above) where the footpath collapsed 8 years ago. You will note that earlier this year areas of this footpath were partially repaired, (Picture 2 shows the evidence) leaving the worst area unattended.

Obviously, the contractor involved ran out of cement or water or could it be Tipperary Co. Council ran out of money. Whatever, who really gives a damn.

(Area 2) Meanwhile, the other area to avoid, takes us to Emmett Street, (See picture 3 above). Emmett street (For the benefit of unfamiliar Tipp Co. Council engineers) can be found south of Barry’s Bridge, Thurles. Here we have a subsidence in the roadway.

No it is not a pothole; we can recognise potholes, last count there were 73,254.5 potholes in just Thurles streets alone and increasing. No this is most definitely a gradual caving in or sinking of an area of tarmac. Here is an ideal chance to upgrade, if your suspensions or steering rack are a bit wonky, if you know what I mean.

Makes one wonder though in the latter case. Could someone be attempting to tunnel out of the town in an effort to find employment.

Trusting this information is of some help when you go out and about on Monday next.


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