Student Leaving Cert Results Withheld By State Exams Commission

According to the State Examinations Commission (SEC) seventy one (71) students, who sat their Leaving Certificate examinations this year, have not been given full Leaving Cert results, following fears that they may be in breach of examination regulations.

Of the seventy one (71) results withheld, twenty (20) of same are suspended on a non-prejudicial basis, each pending further communication with both the candidates themselves and the various schools they attended.

A final decision in each case, currently listed, now remains open to appeal procedure.

The seventy one (71) cases withheld in 2019 relate comparatively with seventy two (72) such results which were permanently withheld in 2018. In 2017 fifty seven results were permanently withheld; an increase of fourteen when compared to current 2019 figures.

Results withheld can come about through the examiner detecting similar composition from more than one candidate, when correcting work from the same venue / exam centre or an examination superintendent discovering notes or paper aids being brought in by an exam candidate, thus attempting to cheat.


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