New Thurles Municipal District Council To Meet on Monday Next

The first meeting of the newly elected members of Thurles Municipal District Council, established under the Local government Reform Act 2014, will take place on Monday June 17th 2019 at 10.00 am sharp.

This meeting follows on from the local election results announced after the Local Elections held on May 24th last.

The first business of this newly elected Municipal District Council will be the election of its Cathaoirleach (Chairperson).

Thurles Municipal District Council by virtue of their democratic mandate will most likely make appointments to a range of bodies, e.g. The Joint Policing Committee; Drainage Committees; Thurles Swimming Pool Limited; Roscrea Swimming Pool Limited, etc.. However, at the new Council’s discretion, latter issues are permitted to be postponed to a later date, where appropriate, after Monday’s Annual Meeting.

Thurles Municipal District council is not itself a legal entity; Tipperary County council being the corporate body. However, the members acting within the stated district do have powers relating to the running of their own meetings and somewhat lesser governance with regard to schedule maintenance works and other operations that may be carried out within the same district.


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