Tipperary Man Sentenced To Life In Prison

Mr Ross Outram, aged 28 years, from Ferryland, Waterford Road, Clonmel, in Co. Tipperary has today been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Waterford pensioner and retired dairy farmer Mr Paddy Lyons.
His 90-year-old victim had been found slumped in an armchair at his home near Lismore, Co Waterford two years ago and his murder was described by the prosecution earlier as a ‘vicious and sustained attack’ on a completely defenceless elderly man.


It took a jury, of eight men and four women, just three-and-a-half hours, before returning a unanimous guilty verdict. Mr Justice Paul Coffey then thanked the jury for their care and ‘exemplary’ attention in what he stated was a ‘long and difficult case’. He also excused them from further jury duties for the next 15 years.

The prosecution contended that this was a most violent robbery; performed in the middle of the night by a young, strong 26-year-old man, against a 90-year-old friendly, trusting man, with a non-functioning arm, latter in receipt of ‘Home Help’. Mr Outram believed that Mr Lyons had cash in his possession and the former was going to relieve him of it.

Mr Outram informed Gardaí that he had consumed 100 Xanax tablets on that day, and that he was forced to fight back after Mr Lyons struck him with a walking stick and a shovel. Mr Outram did had injuries including marks on his hands, bruising to the inside of his thigh and he claimed he had lumps on his head. The trial heard that Mr Paddy Lyons was in fact restricted to limited use of his right arm and could only keep it in one position.

Mr Outram had denied murdering Mr Paddy Lyons at some time between February 23rd and February 26th of 2017, claiming self-defence. His victim had suffered multiple blows to the head and neck from a blunt weapon causing blunt force trauma to his body. The 90 year old suffered traumatic brain injury and shock, due to fractures of his hip joint, jawbone and ribs.

Following today’s verdict, lawyers for Mr Outram informed the court that the latter had apologises for having killed Mr Lyons and that he is “deeply remorseful”.


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