Clocks Go Forward On March 31st 2019 As Usual

In case your wondering; this year our clocks will go forward on March 31st as usual. However from 2021 same is likely to be yet one other thing of the past.

Under new recommended policy, this green and pleasant land of ours could be opting for a system of no clock changes, after our European Parliament; our Transport and Tourism Committee to be precise, sitting in Brussels yesterday, ruled that annual clock changes should finish, with effect from the year 2021.

Telling the time, One O’Clock, Two O’Clock, Three O’Clock……..

However, while the decision to cease the present clock changes has been welcomed by the majority of our partners across Europe, each member state will be permitted, in the future, to decide whether they prefer ‘summer time’ or ‘winter time’.

Back in November 2018, our readers will remember that an EU Commission online consultation was carried out and same found that 80% of those who took part, opted to remove the current system of clock changes.

Benefits identified were ‘Improved outcomes for road safety’; ‘the economy’, ‘positive public health’ and ‘brighter evening in winter’.

Ireland will now have until April 2020 to decide whether to adopt ‘summer time’ or ‘winter time’.


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