Nurses Upcoming Three Day Strike Suspended

The sanctioned strike by some 40,000 Irish Nurses and Midwives, over the next three consecutive days this week, has this afternoon been suspended.

The Labour Court, which formally intervened in this dispute today, has recommended that thousands of nurses can now move to an enhanced pay-scale, which importantly will be continued on in any future Public Pay Agreements.

Salary for Point 1 of this new enhanced scale will now be €35,806, and same will rise to €45,841 for Point 8. Under the new proposals, nurses will be able to journey to their new salary scale, with effect from March 1st next, once all qualifying conditions are met. Presently nurses earn just €33,367 on Point 4 of their existing salary scale

The Labour Court, in a seven page document, indicates that the costs of the proposal will now be funded by a reduction in spending on agency staff, through the restructuring of pay to new entrants.

This new enhanced pay scale will involves a 7.3% salary increase (€2,439 p.a.) to this truly deserving of professions.


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