Cygnus Slows Thurles Traffic On Barry’s Bridge

A female Mute Swan slowed traffic down on Barry’s Bridge, for a short time, here in Thurles today, February 4th 2019.

We understand the unfortunate bird was blinded by the sun, as she glided southwards towards the waters of the River Suir, clipping its wings on unseen overhead Christmas illuminations.

The Mute Swan, despite being badly shaken by the ordeal, remained ‘mute’, and having once more recovered her bearings; allowed herself to be escorted back to the river by sympathetic locals. [Tipperary Co. Council could be in for yet another compensation claim, should she decide to visit her ‘Fowl Advocate’.]

But why are Christmas Lights, Reindeer, Snowmen, Santa Clauses and religious paraphernalia left, still hanging; strung across the Thurles skyline, 6 weeks after Santa Clause has come and gone, I hear you say. Especially since only half of same truly functioned during this last festive season.

I regret to communicate that this seems to be the new policy, being initiated by the Templemore / Thurles Municipal District Council, for the past two years. Indeed, last year (2018) quite a few of our aerial embellishments were not removed until March, while lights on Barry’s Bridge remained up until July, and others on Cathedral Street and on Thurles Castle; same were not removed at all.

Still, remember you can register your dissatisfaction on May 19th 2019; as Councillors now begin to come, once more, out of the woodwork, highlighting ‘dog poo’, and the funding of ‘Thurles entry roads signs’, left out-of-date for 10 years.


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