Traditional Christmas Tree Recycling Centres In Tipperary

Come Monday next, January 7th, it will be time once again to pack away those Christmas decorations for another year. Those with artificial trees will return same, wrapped for another year, to the attic or some other place for safe keeping. Those with traditional Christmas trees, on the other hand, will be looking for some place to recycle.

Tipperary Co. Council are encouraging all householders to dispose of their Christmas trees in an environmentally friendly way. Left at one of their recycling centres; same will be ground into mulch, before being incorporated naturally into soil, by the activity of worms and other organisms. Used in local community landscaping projects, this mulch helps to conserves soil moisture; improves the fertility and health of the soil; while reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Christmas Tree Recycling Centres Tipperary

Christmas Trees can be dropped off Free of Charge for recycling, during normal hours of business, from Monday  January 7th to Saturday January 19th, at the following stated locations.

Thurles: Parnell Street Car Park.
Clonmel: Clonmel Recycling Centre Carrigeen.
Cashel: Waller’s-Lot Recycling Centre.
Carrick- on- Suir: Fair Green Car Park.
Nenagh: Nenagh Recycling Centre.
Roscrea: Roscrea Recycling Centre.
Templemore: Templemore Town Park.
Cahir: Cahir Depot, Cahir Business Park.


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