“Superfoods A Total Scam” Confirms Dr. Robert O’ Connor

The Head of the Irish Cancer Society is warning people that so-called ‘superfoods’ are a total scam, and at best can only cause further damage to the health of vulnerable people.

The charity is urging the public not to pursue ‘fad’ trends ahead of their intended New Year’s health kick.

This advice comes from the Head of research at The Irish Cancer Society, Dr Robert O’ Connor, who stated that the belief that certain foods can cure your health, is totally nonsense. Dr O’Connor is a regular visitor to the Premier County, since his parents (Kathleen and Ernest) currently reside in the picturesque rural hamlet of Templetuohy, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

“The concept of a ‘superfood’, to be frank, is just an exploitative scam”, states Dr O’Connor.  “There is no such thing as that ‘magic fantasy berry’ that can detoxify or change our basic; people need to be very wary and avoid those people who make any such false and deceptive claims.”


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