Death Of Singer & Musician Sonny Knowles


The Dublin-born talented singer and musician Mr Sonny Knowles, who rose to fame during Ireland’s show band era of the 50’s and 60’s, passed away peacefully at his home this morning, surrounded by his family, having reached the age of 86.

He survived oesophageal cancer twice. [Oesophageal cancer comes about when abnormal cells in the food pipe (oesophagus) grow in an uncontrolled way].

Mr Knowles was born on November 2nd, 1932 to parents Tommy and Mary Knowles and from the 1950’s; continued to remain one of Ireland’s most famous singers / performers for some six decades.

His career saw him perform as a member of the Johnny Butler Band, Earl Gill’s Band, the Pacific Show band and the Dermot O’Brien’s show band, before his decision to go solo.

He twice participated in the Irish National Song Contest, singing two songs in 1966; before returning again in 1971.

May he rest in peace.

Note: In the video shown above the piano player in the background is none other than the very talented, Thurles native Mr Frank McNamara, latter who married Ms Theresa Lowe. Ms Lowe, you will remember, presented the programme “Where in the World?” on RTE for some seven years, before being called to the Bar in 1987.


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