Delivery Driver Withdraws €60,000 Injury Claim

A 57-year-old Cork lorry driver, named as Mr Peter Conway, has withdrawn a €60,000 personal injuries claim, after admitting in the Circuit Civil Court that he had continued to drive for his employer at a time when he had been banned from driving.

Earlier Mr Conway had informed the court that on January, 18th, 2013 he had travelled to Thurles, Co. Tipperary to undertake a delivery. He had to use an electrified pallet truck as part of the unloading process, and same had resulted in an injury to his neck and back area. Since that event he had not worked since and was now making a claim for loss of his earnings.

Mr Conway, of Churchfield Avenue, Churchfield, Co. Cork, withdrew his damages claim and admitted to having lost his licence; following detailed cross-examination by Barrister Mr Shane English, latter appearing for Landbridge Limited, Co. Cork.  Mr Conway further admitted his failure to inform his employer of having lost his licence.

Mr Conway agreed that he assisted his nephew on deliveries for the “Fastway Courier” Franchise, but was not directly employed by Fastway. He further stated that he was drawing benefit, but was permitted to work 19 hours each week.

Following a brief adjournment allowed by Judge Pauline Codd, the judge was then informed that Mr Conway wished to withdraw his case on the basis that no order for costs would now be sought against him.


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