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Lowry Welcomes Inclusion Of Tipperary In €4bn Rural Development Initiative

Lowry welcomes the inclusions of Thurles & Clonmel in the Government’s €4bn Rural Development; Urban Regeneration; Climate Action and Innovation – Project Ireland 2040 Initiative.

Speaking following the announcement; Tipperary’s Independent Deputy Mr Michael Lowry stated that he was delighted that both Thurles and Clonmel have been included in the Government’s €4bn Rural Development, Urban Regeneration, Climate Action and Innovation – Project Ireland 2040 urban and rural development initiative.

There will be 4 new funding options available under the scheme which is part of Project Ireland 2040, and will see €4 billion invested in qualifying areas over the next 10 years.

The breakdown of the funding options nationally are as follows:-
• €2 billion: Urban Regeneration and Development Fund – aimed at encouraging sustainable growth in Ireland’s five cities and other large urban centres.
• €1 billion: Rural Development Fund – aimed at supporting job creation in rural areas and support improvements in towns and villages.
• €500 million: Climate Action Fund – to support initiatives that contribute to the achievement of Ireland’s climate and energy targets.
• €500 million: Disruptive Technologies Fund – to be invested in the development and deployment of disruptive innovative technologies.

The Deputy stated, that this fund will require a collaborative approach between Government Departments, Local Authorities, Local Agencies, Public Bodies, and the Private Sector; all where appropriate. These agencies will work closely with local communities to transform our rural towns and villages and outlying rural areas; in conjunction with regional and local development plans for that area.

“The inclusion of Thurles and Clonmel is extremely welcoming and the application process will open in the coming weeks”, concluded Deputy Lowry.


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