Cabragh Wetlands Welcomes President Michael D. Higgins

On Saturday May 19th next, 2018, the recently erected Visitor Centre on the lands of the Cabragh Wetlands Trust, here in Thurles, will be officially opened by the President of Ireland, Mr Michael D. Higgins.

The outdoor event is expected to take place at 4.00pm and all are invited to attend.

Do note that all attendees are expected to be in place one hour before the ceremony. There will be no parking at the Visitor Centre Site, however allowances will be made for persons requiring to be dropped at the centre’s main gates, and wardens will direct drivers of vehicles to specially provided parking areas, latter  made available by local landowners.

The Cabragh Wetlands Trust was first registered in 1993 in an effort to save a vast area of wetland habitat from destruction, following the filling-in of settling pools once used by the now closed Thurles Sugar Factory. These settling pools, locally known as “The Lagoons” were once an oasis for all varieties of wildlife, particularly birds.

Following the formation of this Wetlands Trust and the acquisition of the land adjacent to The Lagoons, a resting place for these migratory birds was assured once more and up to the present day.

The Centre is currently operated by a group of committed volunteers, who provide exciting field trips for students and adults of all age groups. These wetlands boast some 15 different wildlife habitats including ponds, reed swamps, hedgerows, streams and wild flower meadows. Footpaths; raised walkways; and a large bird hide, are also provided, make this area an ideal, future preserved, knowledge location for school children to discover the sights and sounds generated by mother nature, while ensuring a safe and friendly environment.


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