Special Needs Report Issued In Error For School Project report today that confidential education details, given to a senior infants class on paper intended for use as a colouring project, has now become the subject of an investigation at a Co. Tipperary primary school.

It is understood that part of this confidential education report, which concerned a special needs boy, was handed to five and six-year-old senior infant students, in the form of A4 sheets for use in a drawing project.

A detailed assessment of the 10-year-old boy’s educational needs were clearly legible on the reverse side of an A4 sheet, detailing how this older special needs boy; latter experiencing emotional and special education issues, should be managed. It is believed that pages from this report may were accidentally gotten mixed up with blank A4 pages, intended for use in the classroom.

The issue came to light when the primary students were permitted to take their colouring project home, and an older sibling of one of these children became curious about the messaging on the reverse side of the A4 project page.

Realising the significance of this written material; this older student then brought it to the attention a parent, who became dismayed and shocked by the information contained thereon; which included the boy’s name and his date of birth.


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