Irish Summer Time 2018 Begins Tomorrow Morning

“In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”

Extract from  John Steinbeck’s, The Winter of Our Discontent’ (Latter published 1961)

Lest we forget; expect the rambunctious blaring of your alarm clock, jarring you into consciousness from out of your peaceful sleep, one hour earlier tomorrow morning, and indeed every other morning until Oct 28th 2018 next, as we mark the beginning of ‘Irish Summer Time’.

At precisely 1.00am tomorrow morning all clocks and timepieces will move forward by an hour to 2.00am, with most Smartphones, PC’s and Laptops, hopefully, automatically updating themselves.

This change will bring about brighter evenings from tomorrow onwards, but, alas, the downside will be that we will loose one hour of being enveloped by that warm, soft, silky quilt or duvet.

Motorists do watch out for those kids, remembering they are enjoying Easter holiday’s at this time, and hopefully running out and about at play.


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