Warning On Semple Stadium Parking

Semple Stadium

Warning to those found parking illegally within the vicinity of Tom Semple Stadium.

The Semple Stadium management committee, through their secretary and spokesperson Mr Tom Maher, have issued a warning to the visiting public who expect to be attending the upcoming national hurling league game (Tipperary v Wexford) on tomorrow Saturday, (as indeed for all other events to be held within Semple Stadium into the future) that local parking laws and restrictions, as presently set down here in Thurles, will be fully implemented in and around the Stadium.

Cars found parked illegally, e.g. which could include parking on double yellow lines; parking on footpaths; parking in such a way as to block private entrances, etc, will be noted, with the result that parking fines will be issued in the weeks following these future events.

Semple Stadium management invite lovers of sport to come and enjoy the games, but please park carefully and within the law, respecting the rights of others.

Available car parks for the Allianz Hurling League Game – Tipperary v Wexford – this coming Saturday night:-  LIT Thurles; Thurles Greyhound Stadium; VEC ground; Thurles Cattle Mart, Stradavoher; Parnell Steet Car Park; Liberty Square Car Park; St Patricks College; Munster Hotel Car Park.‬


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