Christmas Bonus Due In Early December

Good news for those currently in receipt of welfare payments, as the annual ‘Christmas Bonus’ is expected to be doled out within the next fortnight. This news is particularly welcome in Co. Tipperary, latter which regrettably, and to the shame of our elected politicians and their pre-election promises, experiences the third highest unemployment rate in Ireland, both currently and for many years.

This Christmas bonus, which was confirmed back in last October’s Budget, will see some 1.2 million recipients nationally receiving welfare payments given a once off extra 85% on top of their current weekly payments.

It is widely expected that the bonus payments will be issued to almost all welfare recipients in the country, on the week starting December 4th, with part time workers and those on job-seekers allowance expected to receive their bonus one week later.

This Christmas bonus will cost taxpayers €219 million this year. The Department of Social Protection confirm that the bonus will be paid to those receiving welfare payments, under the following categories: State pension; Blind pension; Invalidity pension; Disability allowance; Widow’s & widower’s pension; Deserted wife’s benefit; Guardian’s payment; Jobseeker’s Allowance; Supplementary Welfare Allowance; Carer’s allowance and benefit; Rural Social Scheme; TÚS, Gateway and Job’s initiative; Back to Work Enterprise Allowance and, finally, Community Employment Schemes.


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