Blatant Abandonment Of Cars In Thurles

Woe betide those who park illegally in Thurles on Sunday next, while attending the County Finals in Semple Stadium.

Gardaí have issued a stern warning to all motorists that the “Book will come out”, and fines will issue for any “blatant abandonmenness” of mechanically propelled vehicles.

The immediate area around Semple Stadium hosts a heavy residential population and motorists are therefore reminded to take this into consideration when deciding where to park.

This warning comes about following a series of meetings between Semple Stadium management, the Gardaí and members of the Templemore Thurles Municipal District Council. Those attending highlighted a series of reported incidents, brought about during recent club games. Rights of way were closed off with vehicles double parking and blocking private entrances, which could have led to the restriction of Emergency Medical and Fire Services.


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