Family Seek To Repatriate Harry Gleeson

The family of an Irishman, executed having been wrongly convicted of the crime of murder, are continuing in their attempts to repatriate his remains, so that he can finally rest in peace alongside those he loved.

Harry Gleeson, one of 12 children; despite maintaining his innocence, was sentenced to death; wrongfully hanged for the 1940 murder of Mary “Moll” McCarthy, latter a single mother, just five months after her body was located.

A Gleeson family gathering last Summer.

In December 2015, three years after the ‘Justice for Harry Gleeson Group were established in 2012, his family justifiably got their long-awaited wish, thanks mainly to their developing an association with the ‘Innocent Project’ in Griffith College, latter whose mission includes the investigation of possible wrongful convictions of persons who claim factual innocence, thus upholding the values of truth, justice and fortitude.

Today, the remains of Harry Gleeson rest in an unmarked grave in Mountjoy Prison, however finding same won’t be easy since the only known records available, come from an old book containing one column which declares Harry was buried at the rear of the old hospital.

Today it is the Gleeson families fervent wish that the remains of Harry be located and identified, using advances in DNA, and that he be repatriated and buried in the Gleeson family plot in his native Co. Tipperary.


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