Good News Week For Self Employed Persons

Some 450,000 self-employed persons as and from today are entitled to a free dental and optical check-up.

Yes, you will all remember the announcement in the last Budget that these benefits which had been previously removed from all PRSI workers, are to be returned.

Paying a different class of PRSI these Social Welfare benefits were never available to those that worked for themselves under the umbrella of self-employed  persons.  So it comes as a pleasant surprise that, for the first time, beginning from today all self-employed people; i.e. Small business owners, Farmers, Trades people, Freelancers, Contractors and Professionals, can all get free dental and optical exams through their PRSI contributions.

These benefits will also extend to the dependent spouses of workers, giving them access to regular dental and optical examinations, totally free of cost for the first time.

Self-employed people will also be able to avail of a grant, to the tune of 50% of cost, in respect of hearing aids. Same purchases are limited to a maximum of €500 per each device, over a time period of every four years.

Of course now that you know you need +200 lenses and 8 fillings, can you actually afford to have this work initiated and completed?


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